Arati Dinesh Kushwaha (b.1982)



2018, Masters of Visual Arts, Otagopolytechnic Dunedin School of Art New Zealand.
Research Interests: Visual Arts, Sculpture, Found objects, Installations, Video.

Slow Decay, Gender Discrimination in Indian Context.
2015, Postgraduate Certificate in Visual Arts, Dunedin School of Art, New Zealand.
ResearchInterests: Visual Arts, Sculpture, Found objects, Installations

Forbidden Rape and Violence against Women in Indian Context.
2003, Drawing and Painting Government Diploma. Specialization in Print making. Abhinav Art college. Pune, India.
Research Interests: Drawing and Painting, Print Making.

Colour ApplicationKeyfocus on methods of colour applications, Western and Indian Artists theory, Body of art work.

International Shows

2003 ‘PUPRA’ Art Exhibition, Prague.
2013 “The Story of the Creative”, New York City.
2015 SITE, DSA gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand.
2018, DSA Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand.
2018, Dunedin Pride Art Exhibition, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Solo Shows

2005, 2006 Pradershak Art Gallery, Khar West Road, Mumbai. India.

Group Shows

2002   Different Stroke, at Balgandharva Art Gallery, Pune India.
2003    Pradershak Art Gallery, Khar – Mumbai, India
2003    Monsoon Show, Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, India.
2004    Progressive Group of, Balgandharva Art Gallery, Pune. India.
2004    Pune Art Show, Hotel Sun & Sand, Pune, India.
2004    Sudarshan Art Gallery Pune, India.
2008    Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai, India.
2010    Renaissance Galleries Bangalore, India.
2012    The art value gallery, Delhi India. 
2012   Ahmedabad-Ni-Gufa art gallery, Ahmadabad, India.
2013   ICAC, RavindraNatyaMandir, Mumbai. India.
2014. Nvya Art Gallery, New Delhi. India.
2013 Women’s Day special show, at Pashan, Pune.India.


2012 “CRACK” International Residency in Bangladesh.

The development of concept

Since the work revolves around the unconscious, the working process of work will be an entirely research oriented, where the final work will be accompanied with the facts and experiences collected during process.
The presence and role of the unconscious has been a fascinating topic to me. It is captivating to me to think that something we are so unaware of can have such a profound impact on our behaviour.  The role of the unconscious is to hold emotions, pain, and ways of being that are too painful.
This work was a site specific installation. I have always been fascinated by the power of unconscious mind. I’m captivated by the fact that something we are so unaware of can have such a profound impact on our behaviour. A Dream Catcher is a handmade object based on a willow hoop which is usually hung over the bed. It is believed that bad dreams will be caught in it and perish where as good dreams will flow right through it.


2004   Happening ‘PUPRA’ (Pune- Prague) Youth Exchange Program with
Prof. Dagmar Subratova (Umprum, University Praha, Czech Republic.), Hana Posdora (Praha, Czech Republic.)
2004   ManavSanket Academy (Sangam), Madhya Pradesh. India.
2017 Video Workshop, Dunedin school of Arts, New Zealand.

Video URL


Forbidden 2015 is a such video that refers to an intense awareness of identity as a woman and interest in feminine problems. Along with the sound and non-verbal media, this video is challenging one for the viewer because of the concentration required to understand the concept.


Vulnero 2018is a latin term literally meaning damage. Vulnero is colour video installation of 15:41 duration without sound. Vulnero (2017) shows the silence of the discriminated girl child whose voice is not heard. The piece is silent and non-verbal and captures the brutal treatment and silent destruction of the girl child in society.


Crack International camp, Bangladesh, 2012.
Otago Polytechnic Dunedin School of Art, New Zealand, 2015, 2017-18


Award for Excellence Pupra (Pune- Prague) Art Object and Happening 2004. 
 Merit Certificate in National Art competition, India. 2003.
ManavSanket Academy (Ujjain) India. 2002
 Special Award for Found Objects 2013. International Creative art Centre, Mumbai India.

Work Experience

Teaching and Mentoring
Worked as Art Teacher in Army Public school: 2006-2007
1 years 6 months of experience as an Art Teacher in Army Public School, Pune India.
Role : Instructing students in basic principles of Visual Art. Successfully supervised and assisted students, graded artwork, encouraged creativity and new technique. According to new technologies, implementing visual art form to enhance teaching and learning. Proven ability to maintain well-disciplined and highly motivated classrooms.

Key responsibilities handled:

  • Understanding of visual art.

  • Understanding of diverse social and cultural constructions of identity.

  • Understanding student characteristics, abilities and learning styles.

  • Making informed selections of art content and curriculum.

Worked as ECE Teacher in India Jumbo Kids: 2009-2010
Role : Prepare lesson plans and establish course goals. Select books and art supplies for courses. Demonstrating methods and procedures to students. Observe and evaluate work in order to determine student progress or make suggestions for improvement. Confer with student, parents, and counsellor to resolve any of the students' problems. Specialized in teaching more areas of art, such as installation, Painting and Assemblage art, Found Objects. Planning and supervision of student contests and arranging of art exhibits and provide support in classrooms.

Key responsibilities handled

  • Teaching the fundamental principles of art.

  • Guiding the students on various arts as well as developing the creativity of students.

  • Giving information on various arts and genres to the students.

  • Arrange art competitions on various art forms.  Paperwork, lesson planning, preparing materials and the environment, managing a classroom requires organizational skills, attention to detail, and commitment.


Worked as Program Assistant in Sudarshan Art Gallery, India: 2003-2004
Role: Monitoring art exhibitions and events and help coordinate resources and maintain information. keep the gallery's website and social media outlets up to date.

Key responsibilities handled

  • Assist in the planning and coordination of various events, including large and small campus events, press events, open houses, art fairs.

  • Support the Executive with answering phone calls, emails, and internal requests for assistance.

  • Support special projects and perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

  • Coordinate schedules Sunday theatre and screening films.